Cookobot is a waiter robot with a complete ecosystem to manage automated bars and restaurants. Based on the Turtlebot 3 Burger robot Cookobot is able to automatically serve food and drinks using of artificial intelligence and computer vision.

The Cookobot ecosystem is composed by the following components:

The robot: A Turtlebot 3 Burger robot with a robotic arm that features autonomous navigation and serves clients. Built with Python, ROS (Robot Operatiing System), OpenCV and Tensorflow.

Cookobot Dashboard: A touch screens oriented and multi platform desktop app to manage the robot and the ecosystem. Built with Electron, VueJS and Bulma.

Cookobot Assist: An iOS & Android app which costumers can use to report issues and ask for help. It is built with web sockets,VueJS, Cordova and Bulma.

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